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3 Best Trekking Companies In India To Consider

best trekking companies in india

Have you finally decided to do a Himalayan trek this year and are now searching for the best trekking companies in India? 

You’re in the right place. 

Venturing on a Himalayan trek is a lifetime experience. You camp near the river, trek inside the forest, wake up with a beautiful sunrise, explore enchanting wildlife, and climb peaks full of snow.

But all this happens in the remotest areas of the Himalayas, which are unknown to you. Hence, you require someone experienced to take you on this challenging journey. 

In such a case, opting for a trekking company is the right decision. Trekking companies have trained guides, top-end equipment, safety gear, and vast trek knowledge. 

However, due to the numerous trekking companies in the market, it can be challenging for you to choose one. 

So, in this blog, I have listed the best trekking companies in India that are pioneers in trekking. 

Note: This list is based on my personal experiences and knowledge. I have trekked with these companies and have closely experienced their facilities. Moreover, I have even worked as a trek leader for some of them. 

1. Trek The Himalayas

best trekking companies in india

If you are looking for a trekking company with a decade of experience conducting treks in the Himalayas, Trek The Himalayas is the answer. 

Founded in 2010 by two passionate mountaineers and trekkers, Trek The Himalayas has helped approximately 1,50,000 trekkers submit various peaks. Not only this, they have even conducted more than 50 Himalayan expeditions. 

Trek The Himalayas cover more than 100 treks permitted by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation( IMF).

If you are thinking, that’s it, wait. Trek, The Himalayas, is also a certified member of ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operators Association Of India), which proves their dedication to safety and excellent service. 

What Trek The Himalayas offer? 

What makes Trek The Himalayas one of the best trekking companies in India? Below is the list of benefits they offer:

  • Conduct trekking in Jammu& Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Nepal, Ladakh, and West Bengal. 
  • Organise various treks, including weekend treks, multiple-day treks and peak expeditions. 
  • Treks are led by trek leaders and guides certified in Mountaineering and Wilderness First Aid courses.
  • Offer all facilities during the trek, including transportation, lodging, food, and support staff.  
  • Use high-quality trekking equipment: tents, sleeping bags, dining tents, toilet tents and utensils. 
  • Trek itineraries are well-planned and technically correct. 

What’s Unique About Trek The Himalayas 

  • Follow high safety standards by regularly checking trekkers’ health throughout the trek. In addition, they carry all emergency equipment, including oxygen cylinders, stretchers and Gamow bag.  
  • Allow two people in one tent, which gives you enough space for your bag and other trekking essentials. 
  • Conduct treks in the African Continent; Kilimanjaro Peak Trek Expedition. 
  • Besides trekking, they conduct a Manali To Leh ( Kahrdungla) cycling expedition, a Leh Ladakh Multi-Sport trip, a Yoga & Meditation Retreat in the Himalayas, and a Panchkedar Trek & Drive. 
  • Offers renting facility for all kinds of trekking gear. 
  • Their team takes care of all utensils for trekkers, unlike India Hike and Bikat Adventures, where trekkers need to carry a lunch box. 

What Are The Cons Of Trekking With Trek The Himalayas?

  • Don’t conduct trekkings in other parts of the country like India Hikes does. 
  • Conduct trekking in large groups of 20-25 members, which can be less. Trekking in small groups has many benefits, like better care, sound decision-making, and peace. 

Trek The Himalayas, one of the top 5 trekking companies in India, can be a good option for you regarding trek price, safety standards, and range of treks they offer. 

2. India Hikes 

Top 5 trekking companies in india

India Hikes is the one that introduced trekking in India and was also the first company to streamline trekking in the Indian Himalayas. 

The founders of Trek The Himalayas were also members of the India Hikes team before starting their firm.  

India Hikes was founded 12 years ago by passionate trekkers with the idea that – Everyone must trek. Their website has documented almost every trek in the Himalayas in detail. It is like a treko pedia. 

India Hikes is joined by over 25,000 trekkers and over 4000 students from top educational institutes for trekking in the Himalayas every year. In addition, they have taken around 8000 children on trek to date. 

What Does India Hikes Offer? 

India Hikes also offers services similar to Trek The Himalayas, so I will discuss what makes them different from other best trekking companies in India. 

What’s Unique About India Hikes? 

  • Conduct-only treks and trek categories include Family Treks, Senior Treks, Do-it-yourself treks, Adventure Therapy Treks, Assisted Diy treks and Stargazing Treks. 
  • Offers treks in other parts of the country, which include Chattisgarh, Orissa, and Karnataka. 
  • They have opened international treks in countries like Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Indonesia. 
  • Organise summer camps for children between 10 and 16 years of age. 
  • On many treks, they follow a different trail with far less crowd. 

With such services, India Hikes has established itself among the top trekking companies in India. Hence, they can be your first partner in trekking. 

But before finalising, let me also discuss a few shortcomings of India Hikes. 

What Are The Cons Of Trekking With India Hikes?

  • The Trek fee is higher than other trekking companies in India. 
  • The Trek fee doesn’t include transportation from the pick-up point to the base camp. You have to pay for it separately. 
  • You must carry your lunch box and even wash it yourself during the trek. 
  • They don’t conduct treks like Chadar in the Ladakh region.  
  • Different trails followed on some treks can sometimes be strenuous for a trekker. 

Despite all these shortcomings, India Hikes conducts numerous treks successfully every year, and hence, you must at least trek once with them. 

3. Bikat Adventures 

top 10 trekking companies in india

Bikat Adventures is the youngest trekking company among the top 10 trekking companies in India. 

Started as a part-time venture way back in 2011, Bikat Adventures turned into a full-time venture in 2016. In a few years, they have quickly grown among the top trekking companies in India and are usually considered after India Hikes and Trek the Himalayas. 

Bikat Adventures is a certified member of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) and a certified adventure tour operator with the Ministry Of Tourism, India. Moreover, they have, to date, successfully delivered 50,0000 trekking experiences. 

What Services Do Bikat Adventures offer? 

Again, they offer similar services like India Hikes And Trek The Himalayas, except for various adventure courses, which we will discuss below. 

What’s Unique About Trekking With Bikat Adventures? 

  • Conduct trekking in small groups of a maximum of 15 members. Trekking in small groups can be more beneficial than trekking in large groups. In smaller groups, you get better assistance and care. In addition, fewer members mean better decision-making during emergency and summit days. 
  • Trekking categories include, Nepal Treks, Offbeat Treks, Wildlife Treks and winter treks. 
  • They prefer rolling camping instead of fixed camping. 
  • Their team focus more on peak expeditions and hard-core treks. 
  • Besides trekking, they offer cycling expeditions and courses related to Skiing, Kayaking and Scuba Diving. 
  • Offer single tent accommodation for an extra charge. 
  • Provide rental facilities for trekking gear like shoes, fleece jackets, and rucksacks. 

What are the cons of trekking with Bikat Adventures?

  • Trek charges are higher compared to other best trekking companies in India.
  • There are few batches for every trek, which decreases the chance of booking the trek on your preferred date. 
  • Trekkers must carry their plates and spoons and even wash them during the trek. 

How To Choose The Best Trekking Companies in India? 

best trekking companies india

The best trekking company mentioned above provide quality service while maintaining high safety standards. Hence, to choose any one among them, you should consider the following factors;

  • Budget: All three companies have different trek costs. So, choose the one that best suits your budget. 
  • Transportation Cost: All three companies have different transportation costs, which they include separately. 
  • Utensils: With Bikat Adventures and India Hikes, trekkers must carry their lunch boxes and wash them on the trek. On the other hand, with Trek The Himalayas, you don’t need to bring utensils. They take care of everything. 
  • Group Size: Bikat has a small group size compared to Trek The Himalayas and India Hikes, which have large groups. Hence, if you prefer trekking with fewer people, Bikat can be your best trekking company. 

To clarify the difference between these best trekking companies in India, let’s take the example of Dayara Bugyal Trek. 

FactorsTrek The HimalayasIndia HikesBikat Adventures
Trek Cost Rs.9500Rs.9845Rs.8000
Transportation Cost160026003000
Group Size24-2620-2315
UtensilsNot RequiredRequired Required 
Duration 6 Days 6 Days 5 Days

Tip: I suggest you do at least one trek with each of the best trekking companies. It will help you shortlist your best trekking company in India. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Trekking Companies In India

  1. Which trekking organisation is best in India?

    Trek The Himalayas, Bikat Adventures and India Hikes: All these three companies are equally good in terms of services and safety standards. Therefore, consider factors like trek cost, transportation cost, group size, duration, and utensil requirements to choose one among them.  

  2. Who are Indiahikes competitors in India?

    Trek The Himalayas and Bikat Adventures are Indiahikes competitors in India. 

  3. How to find a group for trekking in India?

    Check the website and social media handles of the best trekking companies in India: Trek The Himalayas, India Hikes and Bikat Adventures. 

  4. Which is the largest trekking company in India?

    Trek The Himalayas and India Hikes are the largest trekking companies in India based on their experience, the number of trekkers they take on the trek and the total number of treks they have in their bucket. 

Final Thoughts 

Trekking in the Himalayas can indeed be a life-changing and thrilling experience for you. Therefore, you must choose the best trekking company in India. 

So, to decide which is the best trekking company in India, consider the three companies and the various factors discussed above. 

Check trek cost, transportation cost, experience, group size, duration, and all the inclusions and exclusions. Match all these factors with your requirements and choose the top trekking company in India that suits you best. 

If you have any questions related to trekking companies, please comment below. 

About the author

An adventurer by passion, Arjun is a trained mountaineer from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and certified WFA( wilderness first aid) responder from Hanifl Center. He has worked as Trek Leader with renowned trekking companies and have trekked extensively in Himalayas.
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